A Litany of Whoa

Steady makin' Pronouncements 'bout "Fightin' Evil"

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as though out of

                           ——-> Nowhere

you’ve come back

        Yes, it started months ago

but time flies when you’re having trouble.  Life itself an unpleasant series of

*—:debilitating deleterious and dangerous:—* 

instants and run-ins. Distracting me from the

absolute and total beauty in
the simple,
perfect fact

of your impending presence.

You’re so vital, so Real
and I can just almost feel you here next to me

            You are going to be here soon. 

            After all this time.

Yes, yes I’ve missed you.
More than you know.

And suddenly the future feels
as though it is that much the brighter,
new universes
of possibilities open
for our protagonist.
Life, itself opens up
and the once-dreamt possibilities
of his world may now exist as the reality
in which he has been placed.
Ever more, it is as though
his life may truly
once again begin

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*goes to england*

me: excuse me, what time is it?

brit: time wots that m8?

*big ben chimes*

everyone starts to count the bongs on their fingers*

brit: OI IT’S 7 BONG

m8 you are on the rong  tryne. *hic* i[t]’s righ bollocks innit

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